Jerry and Laura, when I sold my first house in Reynolds and wanted to move and stay in the community, I couldn’t think of anybody more involved than the Kearney's.  They came up with the perfect answer for the perfect lot in two days.  We moved and built a new house and the Kearney's have been our good friends now for 20 years!

Tom Clements



Full Disclosure:  My name is Jack Kearney, but as much as I wish I were, I am not related to Jerry or Laura Kearney.  After our first meeting with the warm handshakes and the contagious smiles, my wife and I knew Jerry and Laura would not only be our agents, but life long friends.  They are the reason we settled her in Reynolds.  Their reassurance and their confidence made our move from Connecticut a pleasure.  We love our home and we love our life here.

Jack Kearney